The Postgraduate College

The first postgraduate degree of the University was awarded in 1952 when it was still a University College under the scheme of the special relationship with the University of London. By 1962, when the University College transformed into the independent University of Ibadan, there were 64 students registered for higher degrees, some of whom decided to transfer their registration to the University of Ibadan. In order to administer the higher degree programme, the Senate of the University of Ibadan created the Higher Degrees Committee on 28 January 1963, and charged it with the responsibility of considering recommendations from the Faculty Boards on matters relating to the pursuit of higher degrees at the university. As time went and the number of higher degrees students increased, it was found that the cumbersome procedure involved in processing postgraduate matters from Faculty Boards of Studies through Faculty Boards to the Higher Degrees Committee and, finally, to Senate was delaying recommendations, which often took as long as a year to get to Senate. As a result of recommendations from the Faculty Boards and the Higher Degrees Committee, Senate in 1970 established the Board of the Postgraduate Studies to replace the Higher Degrees Committee. This new Board was given the power to exercise its own initiative in the development of postgraduate work in the university.

In the 1975/76 session, the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission designated University of Ibadan a centre of excellence for postgraduate enrolment to cater for the academic staff requirements of the newly established universities and other national and international obligations. On June 28, 1976, Senate approved the reorganization of the Board of Postgraduate Studies, and upgraded it in status to the School of Postgraduate Studies. The Postgraduate College, as it is presently structured, was approved by Senate (Senate Paper No. 2618 of 29th May 1978). Postgraduate teachers are based in the University departments and their inputs into the decision-making processes of the Postgraduate College are made through their respective Deans and Sub-Deans (Postgraduate) of Faculties Representatives, and the Heads of Departments who are the Chief Examiners of departmental postgraduate examinations. Deputy Registrar, PG College