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The information contained herein is intended as a guide to prospective applicants for admission. Candidates are advised upon admission to consult departmental and faculty brochures as they relate to their respective programmes and courses of study.
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General Rules and Regulation

  • Candidates for admission to higher degree programmes shall normally be graduates of the University of Ibadan or other universities/Institutions recognised by the Senate. Admission shall be made by the Postgraduate College on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

  • Candidates without any previous higher degrees in the relevant discipline may be admitted only to either Master's Degree or a Professional Master's Degree.

  • Candidates with recognised “Research Higher” Degree in the relevant discipline may be admitted to the M.Phil or Ph.D. degree programmes as appropriate, on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

  • Where, in respect of an otherwise eligible candidate with a higher degree, a firm recommendation for admission to the Ph.D. degree programme cannot be made, a Faculty may recommend that a candidate be admitted provisionally to the M.Phil/Ph.D. programme pending an assessment report. Such an assessment shall be made by a panel set up by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee on the recommendation of the student’s department and shall take place not later than the end of the first semester of registration.

Types of Application

Full-Time Admission
Full-time admission can be offered only to candidates who satisfy the Postgraduate College that they are not in employment, or that they have been released by their employers to undertake full-time studies. Candidates found to have made a false declaration in this regard shall be asked to withdraw from the university.
Part-Time Admission
Candidates may be admitted to part-time registration, if they are on the academic staff of the university or can satisfy the Postgraduate College that facilities for their work as part-time students are adequate. Candidates applying for part-time registration may be asked to show evidence of release by their employers.
Admission as Occasional Students
Candidates who satisfy the minimum entry requirements for higher degree programme and are recommended by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee may be admitted as occasional students, but shall not be awarded a degree of the University of Ibadan. This type of admission is also open to candidates registered for higher degrees of other universities, recognised by Senate.

Application Forms

Requests for application forms into higher degree programmes of the University are normally made every year. The procedure for obtaining the application form is available at

Application form costs N18,000 for academic programmes and N23,000 for professional programmes. Applicants for Master's Degree and Postgraduate Diploma are to pay an extra N5,000:00 for test of proficiency in English Language.

Guidelines for Filling Application Forms

  • All application forms are to be submitted online. Applicants are to approach any bank with payment advice on the portal. Note that E-channels are available.
  • Incomplete information from an applicant may delay or halt action on such application.
  • A candidate may apply to only one department or programme.
  • Applicants are to upload their relevant credentials and submit along with their application electronically
  • Applicants will be informed electronically (through the e mail addresses provided in the electronically completed application form) of progress in the processing of their forms.
  • The Postgraduate College, University of Ibadan requires three e-letters of recommendation from faculty members or others well acquainted with the student’s academic work. Please note that the referee forms are part of the online application to be completed and submitted electronically.
  • Official transcripts of all degrees completed are to be mailed directly to the Deputy Registrar/Admissions Officer Postgraduate College. If the Registrar of an applicant’s university will provide an official copy to the College directly, applicants must enclose along with the application an unofficial or student’s copy of the transcript for temporary reference. To prevent delays, applicants should make adequate arrangements with their Registrars of their educational institution(s) to provide transcripts before the stipulated deadline.

Admission Criteria

The University of Ibadan does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation or preference, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, or physical challenge in the admission of students to all rights, privileges, programmes and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the administration of its educational policies and scholarship facilities. Applications are considered on a competitive basis by the Faculty Admissions Committee which evaluates all available information and selects the best qualified applicants from those whose credentials meet the standards for admission.

In every case, decisions are reached through a comparison of the academic merits of all applicants applying in the same field. A bachelor’s degree in a broad programme of general education is normally a prerequisite for admission but is not sufficient in itself. Foreign applicants are expected to have bachelor’s degree with at least Second Class Upper Division from universities recognised by the Senate. Since the language of instructions in the University of Ibadan is English, proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English is required for admission. Applicants for the degree of Master and Postgraduate Diploma shall be required to sit for a proficiency test and obtain a mark of at least 40% before their application can be considered. Academic records are also examined to determine whether the applicant has established a firm basis for graduate work in the proposed field of study. Letters of recommendation or referee’s reports are given very serious consideration.

Available Faculties/Department

Click Faculties to access the available faculties and Department to access the departments

General Admission Requirements

  • The basic qualification for admission to all postgraduate Courses and Programmes is a first degree of the University of Ibadan or degree/Higher National Diploma of other recognised Institutions in the relevant discipline. Where qualifications are not strictly in the area of admission, remedial courses, which may lead to additional periods of studentship, may be prescribed.

    In addition to individual departmental requirements, applicants must satisfy the ‘O’ Level first degree matriculation requirements of the University of Ibadan i.e five ‘O’Level credit passes at ONE sitting or 6 ‘O’ level credits at TWO sittings including English Language and subject areas for ALL disciplines and Mathematics for ALL Science-based disciplines, Educational Management and Economics and at least a pass in Mathematics for other Social Science Courses OR Holder of NCE must have credit passes in WASC or credit or merit passes in TC II (obtained between 1967 and 1981) in English Language and four other relevant matriculation subjects.
  • Candidates for the degree of M.Phil and Ph.D. are admitted in the first instance to Master's Degree Programme. However, candidates who, in addition to a good first degree, and already holding acceptable postgraduate degrees, may be considered for direct admission to the M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes.
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